General Maintenance Tips

General Maintenance Tips
Cycles are simple machines they don’t require much of the maintenance other than a few simple cares. A few tips and requests to keep the cycles fit :
  • Fill air once in two weeks or earlier if the tyres have less pressure.
  • If you have cycle for more than 2 months check the oiling to be done at any local shop.
  • Do not oil the chain. If it is too dry put only a little oil.
  • If you are riding the cycle for more than a few days please get small things like a puncture or some loose screw fixed.
  • If a part comes off and you are not able to fix it back please keep it safe with you and return it intact.
  • Check air pressure before going to long ride.
  • Carry a spare tube puncture kit and air pump when going to long ride.
  • Park in a safe place. If parking in open for long time tie to a pole, tree or a fix object.
  • Do not lock in the spokes only, they are easy to break.
  • Don’t forget the lock. Keep the keys safe.
  • Avoid parking in rain and sun light. Don’t leave in open sun light and rain for long if cycle is to be parked over the days.
  • Avoid riding the road bikes and hybrid bikes (the thin tyre bikes) in rough roads.
  • Please don’t do off road biking.
  • Keep the cycles clean as far as possible.
  • For Bike Rack: Please be sure that you fasten it strongly to your car, so as it is not loose, its feet don’t move and don’t make any noises while you are riding.
In general please maintain the cycles more than you do your owned once.  One more person will be enjoying it soon.

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